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Senior Healthcare Insurance

Serving Oregon & SW Washington

The focus of SC Insurance is on three pillars of senior needs:

  • Medicare Plans
  • Long Term Care
  • Financial Stability


Plans and benefits can change from year to year. It’s helpful to work with someone who understands those changes and what they will mean to you. It’s also important to understand what Medicare is not going to cover and to plan for those needs as well.

Long Term Care

60% of Americans will need LTC in their lifetime, and if you don’t take steps to plan for it you may be at risk. LTC allows you to be in control of your quality of life while protecting your assets.  Those reaching retirement now have different goals and options than previous generations in terms of how they see this stage of their lives playing out. In addition, living longer raises questions about the quality of the experience and where that will take place. Conventional wisdom supports the idea that extending time in your own home can provide a sense of comfort and security when it would mean the most to you. For others, the idea of spending that time as an expat in another part of the world is their vision. Regardless of the setting, planning for your care is of paramount importance.

Financial Stability

A fixed annuity is a good choice for those who simply need guaranteed income. It guarantees you a specific amount of retirement income over time, and it can last as long as you need it. There are many annuity payment options to choose from to meet your specific interests and goals.

The Changing Landscape of Retirement

For some, the traditional model of retirement at 65 is still the norm. However, between personal goals and economic changes, it is not always the case. Those who planned to retire before 65 still need health care coverage. Those who may have entered retirement earlier than planned also need coverage. There are cost effective options that scale based on your needs and risk tolerance.  At the end of the day, your health care insurance decision is really a financial one. You have access to the best health care in the world.  It’s just a decision about how you want to plan for its cost.